Placement Support

India has made a huge progress in terms of increasing education attendance rate and expanding literacy to approximately two thirds of the population. India's improved education system is often cited as one of the main contributors for the economic rise of India. Much of the progress in education has been credited to various private institutions. Despite building a strong educational system the problem of Unemployment still looms over the fresh graduates. Even though there has been substantial increase in the employment market in India but the truth is that most of the professional Graduates still find it tough to get Jobs at the first Instance , mainly due to highly volatile market economy and Industry Demands.

The education you choose lays the foundation for your future and determines your professional career path. Your education is in fact one of the biggest investments you ever make. We are aware of this colossal life time investment of yours and hence device the best possible options and avenues available to set your future prospects for achieving the desired professional careers. Our Secure Professional Career Program (SPCP) is focused to prepare students to face the Industry well in advance even before they complete their respective courses thereby transfiguring the opinion of the students into reality with a practical approach.

The corner stone of the program philosophy is based on two pragmatic approach's :

  • Personal Development Plan
  • Career Development Plan

Career Development Planning process is one the most comprehensive programs devised to structure your future course of action and covers almost every area in the journey of achieving successful career Objectives. The career development process starts right at the time of selecting an Institute for your studies to getting a desired job and then growing in the job. Under our Secure Professional Career Program (SPCP) we indigenously strategize separate career development programs for each student.

Snapshots of SPCP :

Our Secure Professional Career Program is based on our vast experience in the field of Human Resources & business of Manpower consulting and our expertise in the field of career counseling. In today's competitive world it is not unemployment but the unemployability that is of major concern among youngsters. Hence we aim to create and build a talent pool of graduates who would be readily employable for the employees.

  • Devise a college strategy
  • Encourage innovative use of materials/units
  • Amend frameworks
  • Carry out an employability audit
  • Provide latest training & development modules
  • Raise student awareness and understanding
  • Think and act 'outside the box
  • Get Employment of choice & not by chance

P E S Advantage :

  • Personal Assessment & Career Counseling.
  • Assistance in Admissions to Professional Colleges.
  • Emergency Guardianing throughout the studies
  • Grooming & Monitoring during the studies
  • Personality Development & Vocational Training.
  • Competency Mapping & Skill building.
  • Professional Technical Training.
  • Guaranteed Job Placements on Completion.

Program Layout :

Employability is a set of achievements- skills, understandings and attributes - that make individuals more likely to gain employment and be successful in their chosen occupations. This program is based on scientific approach in order to provide the best personal and professional support for students.

Personal Monitoring :

Students enrolled under SPCP would be individually taken care off. The academic performances of these students are monitored regularly and periodic updates and suggestion given to parents about any shortfalls so that they can take corrective measures in the beginning itself.

In addition to this we try to keep a vigil on the activities of the students by tracking their attendance and behavior at the campus and send regular feedback to the parents.

We would also provide emergency support and help at the time of any exigency thereby acting as virtual guardians for the students.

Personal Grooming :

To groom the raw talent and to blend it for professional exposure is need of the day. At the beginning of the program a complete college strategy is developed for the student in order to gain the maximum mileage from the institute where he opts to study.

As a part of our personal development plan the students are encouraged and upraised on how to use innovative materials and units to get better understanding of the subject. During the Personal development plan phase we do an extensive professional grooming and nurturing by setting vocational training sessions and by giving awareness on 'soft skills' in addition to teaching the importance of approach flexibility.

Career Development Plan :

The traditional definition of career development is based on the goal of preparing for the world of work. It is seen to encompass the development of a person on the whole, but places a critical emphasis on gaining the skills and experience for work in order to find one's vocation in life. The primary goal of this approach is directed to improving one's employability for obtaining meaningful work.

Keeping the career objectives of the student in mind we would prepare a clear & logical roadmap for future career destiny through a scientific approach.

We have a five point career development plan in place which is explained in detail.

Professional Training :

The choice of a right career can be a tricky one. One is faced by as many opinions as options! One important thing to remember while making a choice is to opt for a field in which the individual is competent and interested.

With our technical expertise and ability to understand the potential and interest of each individual we would provide the necessary professional trainings at very competitive rates. The trainings if desired would be given using a proper workforce demand technique so as to adapt to latest technologies based on Industry trends.

Employment Assurance :

The students who fulfill the requisites of the Program are guaranteed employment in various public and private sectors, We use our consulting background to attract companies to conduct campus selections for our students. The drop outs however are still assured of employment with us and would be deputed to various other companies and Industry houses while being on our payroll.

Who is eligible to Enroll for this program :

The program is meant for all the youngsters who are aspiring to take up professional Degree Courses and especially for those students who do not get adequate placement support from their colleges. Our special Personal & Career development plans are beneficial to all the student who undergo Higher degree courses.

Courses are covered Under this program :

At the moment the our Secure Professional Career Program (SPCP) supports the following professional courses.

  • Engineering (All Major Streams)
  • MBBS
  • MBA
  • MPharma

How To Enroll :

The process of enrollment to SPCP is relatively easy, Once you understand the model of the program you will be handed a complete transcript about the same. On acknowledging you can register with us by paying the registration fee and completing the registration formalities, On completion of the formalities a MOU is signed between the student and PES.

Rules & Regulations :

We at PES welcome you to our Secure Professional Career Program, we are sure that you will enjoy this program and take the maximum benefit from this job orientation program.

This program is exclusive wherein you are guaranteed employment on completion of your professional studies. The idea is not only to get you an employment on completion of your studies but also to see you throughout the course and to imbibe in you the best professional qualities desired by the industry.

While we are aware that you are here for professional reasons and are willing to incorporate the advantages of this program however you are desired to follow certain instructions to reap the maximum mileage from the program thereby allowing us to help you in the best of our capabilities.

1. The SPCP agreement stands firmly between PES and the student and the college will have no interference of any kind in this program.

2. The program would be handled by our experts and you would be allocated to a special consultant for any concerns during the program.

3. This program is a graded one and a personal file will be maintained for each of the registered students. Your activities on campus such as punctuality, attendance, efficiency etc would be regularly recorded in your personal file and the parents would be updated on your progress.

4. You are desired to have a minimum of 70 % attendance in the college and a minimum of 60 % marks on aggregate have to be obtained. v. We will work with you to prepare a comprehensive college strategy during the first year of your course however you are supposed to give your full cooperation to our consultants for the same.

5. You would be instructed about your shortfalls and limitations from time to time but you will have to make a concentrated effort to overcome those lacunas within you.

6. A yearly report on your progress along with our recommendations would be sent to your parents and an open discussion would be held to help you make amendments in your approach if required.

7. You would be periodically subject to our personality development and vocational programs. You are desired to make your self available for such sessions.

8. In case of any emergency, if informed PES would provide with necessary first aid help and other costless help like arranging medical assistance or arranging an ambulance for hospital etc.

9. Attendance and adherence to the program guidelines would be treated as essential.

10. You may have to visit our head office occasionally, in such case you would not be reimbursed the travel expenses.

11. You will not be paid any stipend or any other emoluments while on this program.

12. Students falling short of the guidelines and not able to meet the program criteria given under clause iv would be refunded 50 % of their registration fee amount.

13. If found necessary you will have to undergo a special technical training in the final year of the course at a nominal fee. This training is meant to equip you with better technical abilities keeping in view the requirement of the industry.

14. You will have to make yourself available for the PES campus selection programs as and when required.

15. You will have to attend interviews arranged by us at your own cost unless paid by the client. Telephonic interviews from abroad will be arranged on receive only basis at our head office.

16. Students failing to get employment through various campuses and interviews arranged by us would be placed on the companies rolls till they are successfully placed. In such cases hands on projects will be oriented towards live projects and you are likely to be deputed at our client sites.

17. Students who are on our rolls would be paid emoluments as per the companies salary structures.

18. You are expected to pay the registration fee amount at the beginning of the program.

Personal Development Plan Details :

Personal development refers to individual self-development. Personal Development Planning is a structured and supported process for students to record, review, reflect and plan their learning.

PDP helps students to take charge of their learning, recognize their strengths and weaknesses and plan for their short term and long term future. Each discipline has its own approach to PDP which fits with its curriculum and the typical career paths for its graduates.

A Good personal development plan will help you achieve your potential as it will help you identify skills gaps and improvement areas in order to make you able to get that job.

This reflective process will help students to understand what they have learnt, what skills they have developed, how they might apply them and communicate to their future employers.

It's common for people to have a "Mental Block" when it comes to solving problems about themselves. Give them a room to decorate, a work project to complete or someone else's problem to solve and they're great. Through this program we Turn those skills and experience on you for a change, and create a personal development plan that works for you.

PDP will helps students to:

  • Integrate personal and academic development and improve their capacity to plan their own academic programs.
  • Be more effective at monitoring and reviewing their progress.
  • Be more aware of how they are learning and what different teaching and learning strategies they are trying to achieve.
  • Recognize and discuss their strengths and weaknesses.
  • Identify opportunities for learning and personal development outside the curriculum.
  • Be better prepared for seeking employment, and more able to relate what they have learnt to employers.

Career Development Plan Details :

Your roadmap to success begins with a proper planning of your career development process. There are many approaches you can take to accomplish this.

By planning your career development process, you're well on your way to your perfect career. Knowing your strengths and skills, along with having a plan, will give you the confidence and motivation you need to make a positive change.

Our career Development process involves four Major steps

  • Self awareness and assessment
  • Career awareness and exploration
  • Career decision-making
  • Career planning and placement

Our career development consultants would be working with you to help you follow the process explained below in order to achieve a successful career.

1) Self awareness and assessment :

The self awareness and assessment step is very crucial as it allows you to become aware, clarify and assess your. During this phase we would assess the following.

  • Interests
  • Abilities and skills
  • Aptitudes
  • Values
  • Priorities
  • Aspirations
  • Personality

The self awareness and assessment would be done using various standard tools that our consultant may recommend for you and findings from our analysis would be discussed with you in order to take the maximum advantage for your future prospects.

2) Career Awareness & Exploration :

During this phase you are prepared to set up yourself towards an industrial approach and create an employable mind set within you. Some of the steps followed are given below.

  • Occupational requirements
  • Employment trends
  • Community, family, leisure, and volunteer issues.
  • Developments in current environment
  • Developments outside current environment
  • Global issues and implications

Career Awareness & exploration are like the nuts and bolts of planning your career development process and sets the goals and timelines based on your career objective.

3) Making Career Decisions :

During this phase we put together all the information that we have gathered about you in constructive step forward to make the right career decision for you in consultation with you. Steps followed are listed below.

  • Establish goals (career and educational)
  • Make plans to attain those goals
  • Implement plans step-by-step
  • Evaluate goals and progress continuously
  • Adjust as you and/or situations change
  • Continue to evaluate and re-prioritize

4) Career planning and placement :

After completing the first three stages of your career development process and after you have honed the right skills and attributes necessary to pursue a professional career its important that you set you eyes on getting placed and a long term career planning. We help you in the following ways.

  • Develop and learn the best Industry approach tactics
  • Develop good interviewing skills.
  • Making available the employment opportunities (PES campus selection Interviews)
  • Chose the right company and role.
Once in a job :
  • Continue to learn new skills
  • Try to look at least five years ahead
  • Maintain flexibility

Once you are through the complete cycle, a new world of possibilities and avenues open for you.

SPCP Overall Benefits :

One of the most noteworthy advantage of our secure Professional Career Program is that it has a positive advantage for all the concerned involved in the program :

Advantage to Colleges :

  • Strong Branding
  • Increased Intake
  • Cost efficacy

Advantage to Parents :

  • Assistance during the Admission phase.
  • Emergency Guardianing throughout the studies
  • Professional monitoring and reporting.
  • Periodic performance updations and recommendations.

Advantage to Students :

  • Personal Development Plan
  • Professional Career Development Plan
  • Skill up-gradation.
  • Professional technical trainings
  • Industry awareness
  • Placement & Job Guarantee.
  • On Job guidance

Advantage to Industry :

  • Well groomed employable talent
  • Authenticity of the candidates
  • Larger talent pool to select from
  • Cost efficacy.