Our Mission is to spread awareness amongst all people about the career options and opportunities in India specialy in bangalore. There is a growing contingent of students studying at the best institutions and colleges in india who will testify to the veracity of the name -Shiksha Education. We, Educational consultants in Bangalore offer a bouquet of services which begin right from the time when a student first decides to venture into the echelons of higher learning to finally getting him in the Institution of his choice. We don the mantle of admission consultants, essay editors, resume counselors and admission guides. But we are much more than just these services providers.


Comprehensive knowledge of universities and insitituions in all feilds. Individualized attention and approach for each student and The Shiksha counselors provide updated informations dealing with world over admission criteria, acceptance rates, admission committee expectations and merit scale. Each student is hand-held and constantly counseled throughout the entire process.Commitment and not business sense rules at Shiksha, we want you to study at the best college you wish for and your aspiration is our promise.


Professionals are closely intersperse their expertise with shiksha consulting team in specific services and its functions, thereby creating extraordinary synergy in overall coordination and management.