Career Counselling and Admission Consultancy in Bangalore

When it comes to choosing a career, we all have to face the same situation while choosing a path after completion of Higher Secondary. Just like any of us, at the age of 16 we are burdened with endless options of courses and the only advice providers other than our relatives are our teachers which are based on the scores that we have received the previous year. The reality is our scores do not convey our interest and yet when we make a choice, it ends up ruining our career. Each and every student struggles when it comes to them deciding the stream after listening to the tons of opinions.

Not everyone takes interest in medicine or engineering. With the plethora of courses available in the market, there are no mandatory rules that students should not go beyond these. They have the choice to explore as per their interest, knowledge, and needs. Unfortunately, not every student is aware of the courses. At this point of time only the top educational consultant from the career counseling agency can become the right help. They can become the best partners who will be there during the tough times along with helping students to consider courses as per their situations and interests.

What Do You Mean by Career Counseling?

Career counseling is something that every student needs. It is a procedure where the students are assisted about educational issues like their course selection along with college selection. The counselors available in an agency aid students in making wise decisions about the future career paths.

The sessions offered by the agency offer the students with opportunities for deciding on the courses which become appropriate and also they have the potential. The focus remains on the academic strength, skills, weaknesses, and interest of the students. Preferences are evaluable by tests in order to find streams which match their needs and skills.

One of the biggest benefits of career counseling is it makes it clear for the students which helps them to identify the core interests.

When Do You Need Career Counseling?

As there are a huge number of courses available in the market, it becomes a struggle for the students to find one as per their potential and interest. At this point of time, due to pressure students tend to make a bad decision which hampers their career. At this very point of time, there is a need for seeking help from a professional and qualified career counselor who helps in finding your aptitude and potential to make the right selection of courses. The experts present in the admission consultancy in Bangalore will help students find the course upon identifying their needs.

How to Select a Career Counseling Agency?

Not every time you need to have a look at your credentials as career counselors are undoubtedly a great point to start from. When there is someone who can guide you through, you can stay assured that your career will not be doomed. This again means you need to find a good career counselor who has the qualities. Qualities like:

  • Able to demonstrate the different courses, the career opportunities along with the demand in the market
  • Elaborating the associated costs and services
  • Committed in maintaining a great standard in services
  • Able to minimize anxiety and stress built in students
  • Work with students from different walks of life which include underscores along with the toppers
  • Spend most of the time finding the teenage of the students along with also choosing as per the geography, financially, socially and academically

How Does an Agency Work?

In the life of the student, their teenage is the most crucial stage as they go through a lot of transformation during this point. In most of the situations, students make their decision based on the knowledge along with the words said by the relatives who have no knowledge about their skills and interest. Being a young mind, it is not easy or possible to have knowledge about every profession. In such a scenario, an advisor who can offer realistic knowledge about the career can become the right choice when it comes to determining the best course for achieving the goals. They can not only become the right choice for exploring the career choices but also can help you choose after analyzing your abilities and interest.

A career counselor is someone who:

  • Understand the requirements keeping in mind about the career you would like to pursue post higher secondary.
  • Comes up with a great plan, keeping in mind about the career, courses and colleges
  • Will stand by your side in making the career decision
  • Helps you through the educational journey
  • Meet in personal about the education matter
  • Offer moral support
  • Finds out the courses based on the academic and personal strength and also the options related to it
  • Provide with relevant answers to every question that you might have about the courses

Advantages of Career Counseling and Admission Consultancy

Counseling and guidance in the education is crucial when it comes to making a proper choice of career. This is highly beneficial for the students when it comes to deciding the courses to choose along with the reason explaining its necessity. There are several others which we will check here:

  • Counseling sessions and aptitude tests are conducted by the experts to help students find the right courses.
  • They can become helpful for students to clear out the doubts by offering them with clear view regarding the several courses available now.
  • They can provide the right guidance along with counseling in order to choose the proper courses which ultimately will help in your career.

Our Counseling Process

Face to Face Counseling

We take pride in being the top admission consultancy in Bangalore. When you register with us, you will be called for a one on one appointment with the counselors available who are the professionals in this sector. This face to face counseling process includes Evaluating the Interests & Skills, Psychometric Test along with Family and Financial Assessment.

On completion of the assessment of the profile, the career counseling experts offer complete information regarding the many colleges, career options and courses that becomes appropriate after considering the needs.

Students are free to talk about the concerns to understand along with resolve the educational issues.

Online Career Counseling

Our career counseling aids students identifying the career path. The services offered by us works in the following manner:

  • Initially you need to register to take an appointment with our career experts
  • We will send you an email and confirm the details
  • Login with the credentials provided on the date and time provided to chat with our counselors on the education matters
  • The career consultants will take the test for assess the interests and skills. The main reason for this is to comprehend the area of interest and objectives
  • Depending on the assessment, the career consultants will send you an email mentioning the career choices along with the importance in the career score and development
  • Our services help in understanding the prospects and realities of the different courses
  • Our career counseling helps you making informed decisions regarding the education
  • Upon understanding your desires, we make direct admission in Bangalore along with other places including overseas as well.

LS Consultancy endeavors to fulfill your dreams by helping you find your options. We take pride to be the best career counseling in Bangalore offering unmatched services to students. We make admission in Law, private medical, and engineering colleges in Bangalore a lot easier for students.

Contact us today for more information and fulfilling your dreams.